Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Hiatus

Project has stalled in the last couple of months. I had to sell the old datsun because it was too far gone. A piece of advice for those seeking a 240z shell. bite the bullet and buy one that is already running and was never stored near water.  I am currently searching for a new one and i am aiming to get one by end of Feburary. My project direction has also changed a little bit as well. It turns out that the inline six (vortec 4200, ll6) will not fit. Someone else already tried it and there is no way it can fit unless the engine is sitting extremely low and the the hood is raised or a cowl is added. So I have decided to either get a 350z motor or an ecotec motor. Also the drivetrain has changed to either a Subaru STI diff and axles or a BMW e30 diff and axles. I dont have any pics to post but the suspension design is coming along. I just need to get some of these parts modeled so i can check clearances and suspension geometry. I found some more inspiration from a socal datsun owner by the user name of crazyoctopus. He didnt go crazy with his 240 but he gave it a nice rugged look especially with the lightweight Diamond Racing wheels. btw these are not my photos so obviously i am not taking credit for them. Also for future swappers i have the following dimensions of the Vortec 4200 (Atlas LL8) nd the LS1 engine

Engine Measurements or Dimensions

Vortec 4200
Length = 32" from bellhousing to front of engine not including harmonic balancer
Width = ~16" This one was hard to measure due to the intake plenum and exhaust manifold
Height = ~35" from bottom of pan to top of intake plenum with PCM

LS1 this includes accessories (you might take ~3" off the width with a relocated alternator
Length = 27.5"
Width = 30"
Height = 27.5"